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DCC Featured Cats
Jeffrey Blaine
Persistence Pays Off
It took about 10 years, but Mechanicsburg, Pa., resident Jeffrey Blaine finally convinced a nearby '69 Cougar owner to part with the car, bringing Blaine's love of Cougars full circle. | Full story ››
Doug Wilby
All Claws on This Fast Cat
Sterling, Va., resident and longtime club member Doug Wilby might not have had the best start in his first race at Old Dominion Dragstrip, but he's been finishing strong ever since. | Full story ››
Charles Popenoe
Born to Run
There might not be a Boss in Charles Popenoe's sweet '70 convertible, but there is one in the car's background. | Full story ››
Gene Popp
A Ride with an Evil Side
Once you know the back story of Gene Popp's black cherry 1968 XR-7, you will understand why he has affectionately named his car "Christine." | Full story ››
Basil Moncrief
Not A Concours Kind of Guy
Delmarva Cougar Club Membership Director Basil Moncrief, of Stafford, Va., doesn't hold back when he describes his ideal ride. "I like fast, loud cars," he says plainly. | Full story ››
Erin Monfort
A Family Affair
There was never any doubt where Geraldine Bassett's Polar White 1968 Cat would end up. "I wanted this car from the first day my aunt drove it home new when I was 10 years old," says member Erin Monfort. | Full story ››
Dennis Black
It's All Relative
The Eliminator's unique look and rarity appealed to Dennis Black, who likes standing out from the crowd. So, when Dennis found a 1970 Competition Gold Eliminator, he bought it, even though it needed a complete restoration. | Full story ››
John Bell
200,000 Miles of Fun
John Bell found his '71 XR-7 convertible about eight years ago in Williamsburg, Va., and made it his own with performance upgrades and a new coat of Thunderbird Garnett Red, a 1986 color, with "gold flake" added for depth. | Full story ››
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